The Take the future in your hands! is a week-long international program for those searching for alternative future perspectives for both themselves and society – based on their own path and authentic vocation. It is a unique initiative bringing together personal quest for a meaningful and authentic life with engagement for a more just and sustainable society. Join us if you are asking questions such as:

How can I unfold my gifts and potentials?

What is my deepest calling and how can I follow it?

How can I take meaningful action in times of overwhelming global challenges?

What do I need to live a happy and meaningful life?

Which practical steps can I take to manifest my dreams?

Instead of offering ready-made answers, this program invites you on a journey of unfolding your own replies!

We will travel together on the magic carpet of stories, intensive times in nature and diverse individual and community-based processes. By bringing together people from many different countries and backgrounds, we create an inspiring environment, where personal quest comes together with the power of a diverse community. You will experience a wide range of activities such as solo time in nature, the Way of Council, The Work That Reconnects, Dragon Dreaming, the Hero’s Journey, artistic and creative exercises, coaching sessions as well as games, storytelling and outdoor adventures.
This program brings together personal growth with the awareness of burning local and global issues to find meaningful and constructive ways to address them in a grounded way.

If you would like to learn more about the methods and activities, check out our booklet based on the first project in 2014: Take the future in your hands handbook_online-1

One thought on “About

  1. Really interested in this project.!
    I work in a school with children with disabilities & this would be an amazing opportunity for both myself & to help with the futures of the children I work with. Let me know if I’m suitable & how to apply!
    Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

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